Welcome to the Onboarding Course for Sellers. We are really glad to have you with us. Find next a set of videos that will guide you through the main subjects regarding how to set up and manage your shop! 

For any questions, contact us via chat or email help@twoosk.com 😊

Set up Account & Shop


Setting up your account and shop will be your first step! In a few steps, you will be ready to start creating products.

Product Creation


Product creation is an essential step to launch your shop in the marketplace. You can use 3 ways to do it, creating one-by-one, cloning, and in bulk. We understand that in the beginning, it can be overwhelming, that's why we will create for you your first range of products. Contact us at help@twoosk.com to schedule a meeting!

Sales Management


Manager your orders is an important part of managing an online shop. Understand when you need to start the preparation of your order, how answers to customer queries, and how to send the invoice to the customer.

Products Promotions


Creating promotions for your products is a good way to have more exposure in the marketplace and more customers. You can run price reduction campaigns, quantity discounts, or even create exclusive promo codes for your shop.

Shop & Product Performance


Understand the Stats section and analyze the performance of your shop and individual products.

Final Words


You've reached the end of the Onboarding course for Sellers! Great job! Now you know exactly how to manage your online shop at Twoosk Marketplace. 🎉🙌


Our team is always available to support you at any stage of your journey. For future questions visits our Help Center with answers to frequently asked questions, or contact our Customer Care Team via chat or email help@twoosk.com .